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Dynamic Software Testing: Module/Unit Tests

The increasing complexity of embedded software poses new challenges for some development departments. What can you do now to achieve the desired quality in your project? Through a combination of static and dynamic test procedures, you can get the optimum. Hitex is happy to help you!

Dynamic testing techniques are used to execute the test object - so we find faults in your code for you.

Standards such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508, DO-178 require the determination of measures such as statement coverage, branch coverage and MC/DC (modified condition/decision coverage). The determination of these measures are included in the dynamic module and unit tests of our test services.

Depending on the source code and its complexity, dynamic tests require a lot of effort, but are a necessary unpleasantness on the way to certification. Hitex will gladly help you to perform these tests professionally and safely.

Learn more in our Unit Testing brochure.

How does dynamic software testing/unit testing work?

  1. You provide the code: You supply the source code of the C functions you want to have tested.
  2. You additionally provide the specification of the functions and the comprehensive comments in the source code.
  3. Hitex defines the test cases: This is done using the classification tree method, taking into account the software module specification, the standard to be considered and the quality requirements for the application.
  4. Hitex performs the tests: If a test fails, or the documentation does not match the source code, we record this in the test documentation and inform you.
  5. Hitex generates the test case database, this allows automated regression testing later.
  6. Hitex hands over the results: After the tests are completed, you will receive all the test results.

Advantages of dynamic software testing:

  • Flexible and scalable test scope giving you complete control
  • Tests are conducted quickly and professionally with all the required documentation provided for certification purposes
  • Full support provided by our experts to field any questions in the event of a test audit
  • Gain valuable testing skills and know-how Complete test databases provided for any subsequent regression tests
  • Complete test databases provided for any subsequent regression tests

You would like to get to know our Unit Test Services first?

Our trial package offers the analysis of 100 lines of code, evaluations and reporting.

You have a larger requirement and would like to have up to 500 lines of code checked? No problem, our pilot project is just right and offers everything that is needed.


With a large team of test engineers, Hitex offers a solution to any of your problems: You need help at short notice to complete a project quickly and professionally? We can help you with that as well as with a large project! We are the reliable partner at your side. 

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