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Unit Testing

Hitex offers a unit testing service for C/C++ application source code using the well-known test tool TESSY.  For this service, the customer provides their source code of the C/C++ functions to be tested, ideally along with the specifications of the functionality and comprehensive comments in the source code.

Hitex then defines the test cases using the Classification Tree Method (CTM). This is applied to the software module specification according to the quality requirements of the application. We then generate a test case database so that automated regression tests can be performed, and we also run the defined tests. If a test fails or gives a suspicious result, we will check with the customer to determine the reason for the unexpected result.

After the testing of the code function is finished, we supply the test results to the customer, including the test database and the test case specifications obtained from the Classification Tree Method. All that is left for the customer to do is check the test documentation.

This saves the customer valuable resources in test and development, reducing the time-to-market without the need to buy a unit testing tool or learning how to develop effective unit tests, and delivers fully documented tests.

Would you like to test our unit testing services on a small scale before investing? Then our trial package for the flat rate of € 349 (plus VAT) is the ideal choice for you.

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