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Theory and practice

Fundamentals of Cortex-M3/4

Online training: Keil MDK Powertraining

Intensive introduction to the Keil MDK development environment using a Cortex-M3 controller.

In brief

This training teaches the basics of Cortex-M0/ M0+/M3/M4/M7 and the new M23 and M33 in theory and practice and gives an introduction to this architecture. The focus of this tool training is the use of the Keil MDK arm in your everyday work. Practical exercises are used to teach the functionality of MDK-Arm when debugging on simulator and hardware: from simple, linear code to RTOS. These exercises are guided and assume average C programming skills. The corresponding Cortex M33 Development Board LPC55S69-EVK is included in the seminar price.

Participants receive a complete package consisting of practical knowledge and professional tools to set up their Cortex project quickly and efficiently.

This training is the basis for our training on RTOS and middleware for Cortex-M.


5-6 March 2024, as online training, each day from 8.30 o'clock - 13 o'clock.

Please note, that this course is held in German.


  • Architecture Cortex M3/M4
  • Practice of basic project setup and introduction to IDE
  • Compiler and linker setup
  • Configuration and versions
  • Fundamentals of on-chip debugging
  • Resource usage and chip-specific MDK options
  • MDK analysis functions
  • Code optimization, troubleshooting and debugging strategies
  • Overview of the MDK-Pro middleware


699,- €, excl. TAX
Please note our early booking conditions.

Included in price:

  • Development Board LPC55S69-EVK
  • MDK-Professional (30-day full license)
  • All seminar documents and examples for self-training/further practice


  • Own laptop for participation in the practical exercises
  • Installation and licensing of the MDK-Professional before the seminar via the internet
  • Basic knowledge of programming embedded systems under C
  • Two monitors: one for your own work and a second that shows the training contents in parallel.

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