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TESSY Training Unit Tests

Online training: Design and execution of dynamic software tests using test tool TESSY

Theory and practice alternate. You work on your own notebook with TESSY, which you installed before the training. You will receive all necessary information from us in time.


  • You are able to design and execute on your own unit tests of test objects using TESSY.
  • The Classification Tree Method (CTM) supports you creating structured and well-arranged test specifications.
  • You get the basic knowledge for handling more complex test objects.
  • You can apply your next-level competence as test team or along with your project development.


22 - 26 April, 2024, each day from 8.30 o'clock - 13 o'clock

A German-language online training will be held from 11 - 15 March, 2024 as online training, each day from 8.30 o'clock - 13 o'clock.

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Theory and practice alternating. You are working on your own notebook with TESSY installed some days before the training takes place.

Introduction to Unit Test, eclipse-based graphical user interface of TESSY, setup of projects and test environments, applying the test objects, interface of the test object, test data stimuli and import/export to Excel, test runs and analysis of test results with generating test reports, handling of various types of data, test data backup and recovering, regression tests, TESSY support.

Handling of pointers, handling of critical test objects (e.g. endless loops), function calls (Call Trace), Code Coverage and Fault Injection, different opportunities of handling C-code (User Code) supporting the test object including analysis of test data external to the test interface (Eval-Macros), test case specification according to the Classification Tree Method (CTM) including dependency feature.

Testing of variants of software (setup of the variant tree and inheriting of test cases) including related classification trees.
Integration testing and component testing, the interface of a component, scenarios as test cases for a component, call trace, multiple work tasks.

After introduction of the eclipse-based graphical user interface of TESSY you will analyze C-functions (modules), create test strategies and test cases and perform the test runs. Appropriate TESSY perspectives supports you. The training focus on design and execution of module tests based on matching procedures and support of TESSY prior then to sequential work off multiple TESSY functionalities. So you will get knowledge about the functions of TESSY just in time.


1.980,00€ excl. TAX
(990,-€ for Hitex customers with valid TESSY maintenance contract. Please state your contract number when registering).


  • Basic knowledge in C
  • Knowledge about unit testing and TESSY are not necessary.
  • Two monitors: one for your own work and a second that shows the training contents in parallel.
  • Notebook with Win7/8/10, 64-bit-System, 2GB RAM, 1GB empty space on hard disk, current TESSY 4 version. You get detailed information concerning required evaluation license before the training takes place.

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