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SafeTpack for AURIX™ TC3xx

A shortcut to the safety manuals requirements

Hitex SafeTpack for AURIX™ TC3xx

What is the Hitex SafeTpack?

The Hitex SafeTpack is a safety solution for the AURIX™ Infineon microcontroller family, second generation. It covers many safety use cases in the startup process and during cyclic tests according to the AURIX Safety Manual. As its name suggests, the AURIX TC3xx SafeTpack safety manager is equipped with everything you need for your application.

Hitex created this safety manager as a shortcut to implementing the most common  AURIX™ safety manual requirements. SafeTpack is PRO-SIL™ ready and provides a rapid way to achieve ISO 26262 certification for safety applications using AURIX™, all in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

SafeTpack for AURIX™ certified for SIL-3 IEC 61508

The Hitex SafeTpack for Infineon’s AURIX™ microcontroller family has successfully received the certification according to SIL-3 IEC 61508 by TÜV SÜD

Hitex is proud to announce that its SafeTpack for Infineon’s AURIX™ microcontroller family has successfully received certification according to SIL-3 IEC 61508 by TÜV SÜD. This marks a major milestone for the AURIX microcontroller family, as it is the first certification to implement safety up to SIL-3 in industrial applications.

The TÜV certification process involved rigorous testing and evaluation of the SafeTpack, including an extensive analysis of its safety mechanisms and functions as well as an audit of the development process. The certification confirms that the SafeTpack meets the highest safety standards and is suitable for use in safety-critical applications up to SIL-3.

Why do I need a SafeTpack?

For safety-critical projects you must make sure that all applications are developed according to the relevant safety standards (e.g. ISO 26262). The AURIX safety manual contains a list of necessary internal safety mechanisms (SM) and also external safety mechanisms (ESM) for every use case. The AURIX™ safety manual is based on ISO 26262 and comes complete with additional documents.

The information contained in these documents provides real and valuable information for your project. However, to implement the necessary safety measure, qualified source code is required.

There are 2 options here. The first option is to write your own code. The second however, is much more efficient and will save both time and money: The Hitex SafeTpack!

What does the SafeTpack offer?

  • Coordinates the execution and evaluation of startup tests

  • Supports the necessary ESMs

  • Provides cyclic tests that ensure the correct operation of the AURIX™ CPU
    and internal busses through a mixture of hardware and software modules

  • Manages the watchdog system and an optional combined watchdog and
    power controller (eg. TLF35584/5)

SafeTpack Features

SafeTpack provides functional safety by managing the complex Logic Built-In Self-Tests (LBIST) and other safety features of AURIX™.

By retaining the existing PRO-SIL™ SafeTlib overall structure and API, migration of existing TC2xx safety applications to TC3xx is much easier. SafeTpack provides safety functions such as program flow monitoring or cyclic control of special function registers.


SafeTpack customized

SafeTpack‘s modular system makes it easy to customize and supplement individual functions. Depending on your precise requirements, different SafeTpack packages can be selected:

This is what is included in all packages:

  • Complete source code of each package together with a demo workspace
  • Elektrobit’s (EB) tresos tool with all plugins required with a tresos example configuration
  • All documentation such as the user manual, safety manual, release notes, configuration verification manual and a demo description

Basic Package includes:

  • Test handler
  • Startup tests
  • Runtime tests

Optional Watchdog Package adds:

  • Watchdog Interface
  • Internal watchdog driver
  • External TLF35584/5 watchdog driver

Optional TLF35584/5 package adds:

  • Startup tests according to the safety manual TLF35584/5

Optional PFM* package adds:

  • *Program Flow Monitor
  • Monitors the program execution flow of safety critical software

Supported AURIX devices

The SafeTpack supports many AURIX™ devices. In the table below you will find an overview of the current options. Questions? Go and ask your Hitex contact for more information.

Our services around SafeTpack and Functional Safety

  • Web based training for SafeTpack integrators: first-hand information and valuable hints on safe and reliable integration
  • Project-related consulting
  • SafeTpack integration into your application as a full service
  • Hard- and software development in the context of AURIX™ and functional safety

Main advantages of the SafeTpack

  • Developed according to ISO 26262-2018
  • Similar to the AURIX™ TC2xx SafeTlib: Easy handling, no changeover
  • Modular: Only pay what is used
  • Comes with a demo application
  • Included configuration tool, to set up all parameters individually
  • Can be used either with or without AUTOSAR
  • 100% compatible with the Infineon MCAL but can still be used independently
  • Includes EB tresos tool to configure SafeTpack
  • Provides drivers and watchdog interface for Infineon TLF35584/85 and AURIX™ Internal Safety Watchdog including signature handling


Why should I choose Hitex and the SafeTpack?

Specialized development

As a 100% subsidiary of Infineon, Hitex worked closely with them to create the Hitex SafeTpack. We have contact and access to Infineon to help our customers in their specific challenges to implement the AURIX™ safety and external safety measurements.


To meet all your safety needs the SafeTpack was developed and validated according
to ISO 26262-2018.

Ready for the future

SafeTpack is constantly being improved and expanded: Support for additional derivatives of AURIX™ and PMICs, and for the next AURIX™ generation (TC4xx) are in development.

Real-world expertise and experience

Hitex SafeTpack is a success story: our customers are well-known TIER1s and OEMs from all over the world! We offer project, product and buyout license, especially designed to your needs.


Hitex wins Embedded Award!

Hitex has been awarded the renowned Embedded Award for the fourth time. The 2019 award in the highly coveted software category was announced at Embedded World, Nuremberg, for the AURIX Safety Manager SafeTpack. To see the presentation and other event highlights, click the picture to the left

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