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In order to benefit from the exceptional characteristics of the AURIX™ MCUs, turn to Hitex for all the support you need! Hitex is the AURIX Preferred Design House – ready to assist you with all the challenges your project is throwing at you.

AURIX was designed originally for Automotive applications according to ISO 26262, and since then has also been adopted successfully across many other industries.

Here are some examples of customer projects, where Hitex’ AURIX expertise is part of the hardware and software development as well as integration and testing of safety features.

Diesel engine for airplanes

In this project, a TC27x microcontroller is responsible for the complete management of the engine and also the safety requirements of the standard DO-178 (Software Considerations in Airborne Systems). As external watchdog the TLF35584 is used. Since Hitex has a wide experience in diesel engines and also the main competency in functional safety, Hitex was chosen as development partner for this project.

The main task for Hitex was to design and implement the hardware abstraction layer and to integrate the SafeTlib in a way that the demands of the DO-178 standard are fulfilled. First step was a functional prototype including the activated safety functions realized with the SafeTlib. In a next step the validation and documentation to achieve the certification was done.


Universal control unit for elevators

For elevators’ safety the industry standards IEC 61508, ISO 13849 and EN 81-20/50 are relevant. With its safety concept and safety features AURIX is perfectly well suited for such projects. E.g. to reach the demands of the standards a two-channel system with 2 AURIX TC26x was designed. In a two-channel system the watchdog can be skipped because there are already two independent microcontrollers and one can solve the watchdog functions for the other one.

Hitex designed, implemented and validated the hardware abstraction layer and specified the safety aspects based on the AURIX microcontroller.


Several automotive ECUs

In the automotive area AURIX is the most widely used safety microcontroller in power train applications, as well as numerous other areas. Based on the experience of more than 15 SafeTlib integrations in such applications, Hitex is often asked from suppliers to take over the task of the integration of the SafeTlib. This is because Hitex can do this work more professionally and faster than the company’s own development teams.

The Hitex experts integrate the SafeTlib according to the safety specifications of the customer. This needs a close cooperation with the developers and also the functional safety managers of the customers. The result is the functional integration of the test and measures of the SafeTlib including the challenge response communication with the external watchdog. This can be the Infineon TLF35584. Sometimes the customer wants to use another watchdog. In this case the SafeTlib functions for the watchdog communication have to be adopted by the Hitex team. To fulfil the safety requirements also the documentation and validation has to be done. Hitex provides support with the list of safety measures activated in the SafeTlib or in additional functions in accordance with the safety manual of AURIX and the external watchdog.

For more information on Hitex support for your AURIX project please contact our AURIX experts.

You may find interesting technical documents on Infineon's AURIX microcontroller family on our download page:

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