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Flexible, cost-effective and high-performance software solutions

Software for embedded systems – using the right components to increase productivity

Hitex is an embedded software partner/consultant that helps your development team significantly improve their productivity while at the same time shortening development times. Liability risks resulting from software errors are also minimized.

But Hitex is no “box mover” or “reseller” – it is a consultant that uses only top-notch components that set standards or comply with international standards. As an independent expert in embedded technologies, we select products that provide you a solid foundation you can rely on – tools that are tried and tested in development departments around the world and are ideal for optimizing development processes.

Why should I obtain embedded software through Hitex?

Not only do we sell you the tools from a provider – we also have an independent, carefully selected portfolio for customers with high quality standards.

Hitex offers added value whenever you're looking for just the right software solutions to match your development environment, giving you an edge over “cheap solutions.”

We don't just sell you a piece of software, we also offer you competent, real-world assistance in making decisions and then help you during the implementation process, together with consulting in the following areas:

  • The right choice for the entire development environment
  • Increase your entire development team's productivity
  • Identify errors early on, save time and money
  • Shorter approval cycles for software versions
  • Quick, flexible expansion of functionality
  • More requirements and stricter standards
  • Flawless code without security vulnerabilities, including source code

Embedded software tools that offer added value. Our portfolio for the main aspects of embedded development:

Self-test libraries: everything is licensed, without follow-up problems

Purchasing ready-made modules allows you to get results quicker than if you had done the programming on your end. However, this express lane for development can quickly become a non-starter. The operative words are: knowledge drains, liability, rights, confidentiality, documentation – and quality and performance. In addition to the tools themselves, we also offer peace of mind: We offer competent advice for the entire solution. The licensing originates from the manufacturer and is fully documented. » read more

MCAL drivers (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer)

Hitex offers MCAL drivers (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer) for AUTOSAR projects and industrial projects with special requirements.  The drivers have been partly developed and quality-tested by Hitex. » read more


The Hitex portfolio includes a series of highly efficient, resource-saving bootloaders that allow you to start your application securely and dependably. And wherever security is important, we offer a supplemental encryption module for secure data transfer. » read more

Embedded security: making the application secure

Integrating embedded security into a new product is a hard nut to crack for any developer at first. These programs should not be written independently. Tried and tested software components should be used instead. Our components and our support with the implementation help your highly secure application up and running, quickly. » read more

New requirements for embedded development software

Today's development software for embedded systems faces new challenges, as they form the foundation for virtually all aspects of product development. Today and in the future, embedded development software must be able to combine an ever-increasing number of different systems. This increasing diversity and complexity makes it more important to select the right components in order to ensure seamless interaction. Here, it's necessary to find a partner that sees the big picture: Hitex offers a perfect solution for you. We have microcontroller expertise covering the entire development process and for the entire spectrum of tools, allowing us to offer you better consulting services.

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