Building a safe and secure embedded world

Pelion IoT platform

Our connected device services give you the flexibility to connect and manage any source, using any chipset and any OS, via any network, delivering data into any cloud. With one unified solution you can simplify and secure your deployments.


Securely connect and manage your IoT

IoT connectivity

Simple, cost effective cellular connectivity for any device, anywhere in the world. Global cellular and LPWAN connectivity available on a single Pelion IoT SIM.

Connected Device Platform

Take total control of your cellularly connected devices with the Pelion platform. Manage your connectivity cost, monitor your network performance, provision and update devices securely over-the-air.

IoT Device Management

Lifecycle management for any IoT device, over any network available on the cloud or on-premise. Ensure your devices are always up-to-date, secure and delivering peak performance.

Edge Applications Management

Flexible and unified management for devices, gateway systems and applications at the edge. Keep your deployments secure, improve reliability and make sure you are collecting data you can trust.

Hitex is the competent partner for Pelion IoT platform solutions in the D-A-CH region. For more information on Pelion solutions, please visit the German website.

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