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ASAP2 Support in TESSY

ASAP2 is the market name for the standard ASAM MCD-2 MC from the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems. ASAP2 is related to the calibration of electronic control units (ECUs) in cars. ASAP2 specifies a conversion between the ECU-internal representations of values and their representation in physical units outside the ECU. E.g. the physical temperature range from -40 °C to +50 °C could be represented in an ECU by the values from 0 to 90, i.e. -31 °C is represented by the value 9 internally. Using the ASAP2 conversion allows a human to use the familiar physical values instead of their ECU-internal counterparts.
TESSY is able to apply ASAP2 conversion automatically. TESSY takes the necessary information from the description file in A2L format. This enables the TESSY user to use physical values (or alternatively minimum / maximum values) as test data (input and output) in the Test Data Editor (TDE). TESSY converts the values automatically in the internal representation needed by the test object during the transfer of the test data to / from the test object. The physical values are also displayed in the test report.

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