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From draft to full production

Hardware Engineering

The development of complex, custom specific hardware is our core business, and Hitex offers a complete range of services from development of a draft for hardware design up to full production:

In close cooperation with our customers, we help to define a concept and a detailed specification. The result is a clear picture of hardware part of the product in terms of the dimensions, manufacturability and testability, as well as the cost and availability. We provide high speed design and layout expertise with state-of-the-art design- and layout tools, supporting design schematics for PCB layouts with up to 12 layers (double sided), high-pin-count components (> 1000 pin BGA with a 1.0 or 0.8 mm ball pitch) and a track width and distance down to 0.11 mm with microvias and meander tracks. For analogue and low noise designs we support matched impedance tracks with differential pair routing.

Designing to a cost always has a high priority and this is vital for high volume products. We can help you to produce your hardware as cost efficiently as possible.

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