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SafeTI™ Diagnostic Library

Texas Instruments' Hercules MCUs are based on the high performance ARM® Cortex®-R CPU and offer integrated diagnostic features in hardware to help make development of IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 functional safety applications easier. The SafeTI™ Diagnostic Library acts as interface to make use of these safety features. Based on the system requirements the API can be used to apply the mechanisms to ensure that safety requirements are met.

The SafeTI Diagnostic Library API can be called in fault injection and self-test modes. The fault injection mode allows the application to insert faults and thereby verify the correct functioning of the fault handling. Self-test mechanisms called within self-test mode are used to uncover latent faults. 

Hitex has a deep knowledge of the SafeTI Diagnostic Library and can support you with

  • Training and consulting
  • Integration service
  • Certification assistance
  • SafeTI-HSK Safety Kits for an easy start with this technolgy
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