b-plus Gateways and Development Tools

b-plus specialiazed for development and integration of electronic systems and components

Development and integration

b-plus is a specialist for the development and integration of electronic systems and components. Automated driver assistance systems (ADAS) in the automotive industry and the automation of mobile machines are among the core competences b-plus.

NETLion media converter & network tap

Development tool for BroadR-Reach® networks. The operating mode „media converter" converts up to two BroadR-Reach® connections. In addition, the „network tap" mode allows to decouple data from both communication directions with minimum latency into one 100BASE-TX interface for each.

  • Basic configuration without PC (DIP switches)
  • Extended configuration and diagnosis via NETLion Configurator
  • BroadR-Reach® connection quality, states and activity can be monitored and logged directly on the unit as well as via NETLion Configurator software.

NetLion 1000

NETLion is a development tool for 100/1000BASE-T1 networks. It supports the user for logging and analyzing of data traffic or converts 100/1000BAE-T1 physics to 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T Ethernet, which is common in the IT area.
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NETLion C2T – BR

2 devices in one: Network tap & dual media converter BroadR-Reach – 100 BASE-TX
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Dual media converter BroadR-Reach – 100 BASE-TX
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CANTucan CAN gateway and bus simulator

A multifunctional tool for CAN networks, designed for the use in development, test and diagnosis environment for communication networks in cars, trucks and laboratories. After the configuration CANTucan runs stand-alone and can be used without a PC.

  • Bus simulation: Configurable bus simulation based on own definition or a DBC file
  • Signal gateway: Message level based realtime routing
  • Message gateway: Complete signal level based rerouting of message
  • Intelligent wire: Intelligent realtime message manipulation
  • Stand-Alone operation: After the configuration CANTucan operates completely without host and starts the configuration automatically
  • Smallest demensions and robust housing for the use in automotive areas
  • Different versions available

Product versions

Buy in our eshopGTRBSSGTR-LiteSGTR
Import DBC files or create own networksXXXX
Usable CAN interfaces2122
CAN Filter / CAN FirewallX XX
Baudrate changeX XX
Message gatewayX XX
CAN bus simulation XXX
CAN ID & DLC manipulationXXXX
CAN signal manipulation X X
Combine signals with mathe matical operations X X
Manipulation on digital inputs XXX
Combined bus simulation and signal gateway  XX
Generate additional signal types (waveform pattern random)   X


USBTucan is an USB I/O box with digital in/outputs, analog Inputs and a galvanic seperated CAN Interface. It is ideal for use in an laboratory as development and test tool, as well as for mounting in machines and test benches.

  • Operating temperature range from -40 up to +75°C
  • CAN Interface; switchable termination
  • Robust housing; high USB pull out force
  • Digital inputs 4x
  • Digital outputs 4x
  • Analog inputs 2x
  • I/O API + demo software

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