Hitex and TrustInSoft combine expertise to strengthen software integrity in safety-critical industries

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The increasing complexity of software systems requires a thorough review and assurance of code quality in order to meet security, reliability and compliance requirements. In static code analysis, the source code is analyzed without execution in order to find potential errors, vulnerabilities and security threats. One advantage is that the entire code is analyzed, which means that problems in unused areas of the application can also be detected. It also enables the early detection of errors in the development process, which reduces the cost of troubleshooting. Hitex chose to partner with TrustInSoft because TrustInSoft's exhaustive static code analysis goes beyond traditional static code analysis to provide unparalleled software integrity by eliminating false negatives. This is achieved by using formal mathematical techniques and full context sensitivity to identify vulnerabilities in C and C++ programs. The TrustInSoft Analyzer paves the way to zero bugs and facilitates the requirements of security and cybersecurity industry standards such as ISO 26262, ISO 21434, AUTOSAR, IEC 61508, IEC 62443 and others as well as coding standards such as MISRA C and CERT C and others.

"Combining our security expertise with TrustInSoft's innovative methodology for achieving software safety and cybersecurity enables us to provide customers in safety-critical industries with secure solutions to ensure the highest software quality," said Frank Jankowiak, Head of Sales at Hitex. "This partnership strengthens our product and service offering to address the growing need for reliable, secure and bug-free software development."

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